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San Diego and Coronado Luxury Limo Van 

Affordable Limo Van Rates and Knowledgeable Limo Driver

Our luxury Limo Van driver is impeccably dressed, polite,  has good knowledge of the Coronado and San Diego regions, and speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. We also offer competitive, affordable rates for our luxury limo van services.  Crown Village Transportation places great importance on the cultural aspect of the places we visit and our luxury limo van driver is happy to share the rich history of the Coronado and San Diego Area.   At the end of each trip in our luxury limo van, passengers will know a lot about the culture and stories surrounding the San Diego and Coronado areas. We offer a wide variety of luxury limo van tour packages in the San Diego and Coronado area as well as custom designed tours for our clients.

Our Luxury Limo Van is Flawlessly Clean, Maintained, and Distinctively Comfortable

The luxury limo van offers eight luxury leather captain seats, plenty of storage, DVD players, a cooler for beverages and much more to keep our guests comfortable on our tours of San Diego and Coronado. The luxury limo van is well maintained, flawlessly clean, and reliable. Each one of the seats has clean hand-towels for the passengers, an arm and head rest, and comfortable cushioned, luxury leather seats. At Crown Village Transportation it is our goal to make sure that our customers feel 100% comfortable in our luxury limo vans as we take them on tours of the San Diego and Coronado area.

Professional Limo Van Driver with Knowledge of the Coronado & San Diego Area

The owner of Crown Village Transportation has many years dedicated to the tourism and limo driving industry and to the organization of events for companies and cruise ships. In San Diego and Coronado he has worked as a limo driver, luxury van driver, and a taxi driver. While living here  he acquired a great knowledge and admiration for San Diego & Coronado Island. He shares this passion for the beauty of San Diego and Coronado with his customers on every luxury limo van ride and tour. That’s the motivation that drives Crown Village Transportation and makes it one of the best luxury limo van services available in the San Diego and Coronado area.